Tuesday, August 22, 2017

A Little of This, A Little of That...

We are thinking alot about our family and friends back home who are dealing with all the smoke from the Milli Fire which has top 10,000 acres.  Am grateful thus far that no one has lost their home but hundreds are on alert...so please keep them in your thoughts.

While all that is going on at home these 2 asthma suffers are so happy for the clean air and beautiful horizons.  Enjoying all that the Moab area has to offer...which means there has not been much stitching going on!

G and I have been climbing all over the place.  Unfortunately Enzo doesn't get to be on the trails in national parks and so depending on what we plan for the day...he either gets to come or hold down the fort.

 We spent Eclipse Day in Arches National Park which was a beautiful place to be for this event.  The park service had set up special viewing areas which enlarged the eclipse with large reverse mirrors and really made it dramatic!

It was an amazing time to be here because for the most part everyone else headed to Oregon!  The last time we were in Arches National Park it was over run like hordes of ants climbing all over and lines of tour buses and cars circling for parking.  This time...we breezed right in always had a front row parking space and enjoyed the peace and quiet!

We are really enjoying the camp trailer...the perfect size for us and having a vehicle for venturing out is wonderful.  Enzo is liking the ride better but in the trailer he wants to be as close as possible to us and when we make him lie down at the other end he will stretch himself out as far as he can, LOL.

Hope you had a peaceful safe Eclipse Day!  We are hoping to visit the quilt shop in Moab before we pull out.  They have been closed for several days because of the eclipse...so keep your fingers crossed!