Thursday, August 10, 2017

A Little Bit of This...A Little Bit of That...

Yesterday was a full day of fun!  I started cutting out a new quilt photos yet...but, you'll see it on the Quilt Roadie trip.  I dug through my pile of quilts I want to make and found a fun Halloween Quilt.  A pretty simple pattern and will be great to sew in the camper.  

Then I got to hang out with Silas while his mom had an appointment.  He is the sweetest baby!  Not that I am a little biased, LOL!  I do believe he likes hanging out in The Bee Hive :)

...and the Sweet Sixteen proved to be the perfect spot
 for a quick diaper change!

...although I think Silas would have preferred 
 not to have a photo taken, LOL
Hey, You lookin' at me???

We wrapped up the day with a fabulous dinner
 with family and friends
...yep, an all around perfect day :)

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday and weekend 
 it includes stitching and friendship


  1. Aren't babies the sweetest addition to life?!!

  2. He's rocking those stripes! Guess he finall spotted the paparazzi taken his picture! Sounds like a great day.

  3. Babysitting is such fun now isn't it?!

  4. That's one real cute diversion 😊What a sweetie!

  5. What a great day for you. Love the frown LOL....he is a cutie.

  6. He is so cute and so expressive, he really reminds me of you, I think he favors you.


  7. When my granddaughter was born nine years ago my DIL asked me to make small floor quilts for every holiday to lay on. Fun project and today she wraps her dolls in them. Maybe Silas needs his own Beehive quilt to lay and play on.

  8. He is so stinking cute!! look at that hair!! I just had my 10 month old grand baby for a whole month every day from 8 Am to 3 Pm , we had a blast with her , dont get me wrong it is also very exhausting , we are not 20 anymore LOL !!

  9. Grandbabies are so much fun!! He is really cute. Has big happy eyes. Have fun Grandma!!

  10. Just discovered your delightful blog. Such fun and enthusiasm! We have something in common-- I too have a dog named Enzo. He is a rescued German shorthaired pointer, and a constant entertainment.
    Thanks for sharing videos and quilting.

  11. Could you let us know what cordless iron this is?

  12. Your little man is adorable! Cherish every moment!