Thursday, July 13, 2017


I was shocked and moved by the response to my blog post Are You There??? I hear you and I am going to continue posting on Tuesday and Thursdays!  I so love to write but wasn't sure if I was just filling blank space and no one was reading?  I have dozens of empty journals because I can't stop buying them but the Woolie Blog is the only journal I have consistently written and I have to admit it is not only the craft of writing but  because of you...I know we may not always agree or find interest in the same things but there is still a special connection and I read every comment.   

To clarify some things I heard in the blog roll did not get shorter because bloggers are no longer got shorter because I accidentally deleted it in a clean up and couldn't remember all of them (OMG).  I like the blog roll to check in with other blogs that i enjoy and I only delete a blog if it has not posted for over 3 months.  I figure the writer must have had a reason.  In this case a slip of the finger and the whole blog roll disappeared!  I have added a few that I knew were current.   Also, it was good to hear that some of you do not sub subscribe to Facebook or Instagram but read blogs and watch You, by sharing the posts across the board I may reach you :)

Thank you again for letting me know you are out there!!! 
I am grateful for the time you spend listening :)

Now, I have to share one of my more crazy moments this last week.  A year ago I signed up for Sue Spargo's BOM called Cuppa.  I feel like this is my baby because when we were having dinner I told her she needed to do this as a BOM because in the Pacific Northwest we are all about coffee and tea.  As with all of Sue's BOMs, when they are done she publishes a book...and, she is done.  Of course I am not.  I have only 1.5 blocks done but when I saw Terri's hanging in the Stitchin' Post I got all excited...then I saw the book.  This is the ridiculous part...I have all the paper patterns that were sent with each block...

...but, the book was so beautiful and the pages so, I just had to buy the book!  A little embarrassing but I just know this will help me get it done.  We have also talked about starting a once a month meet up to stitch Sue Blocks!  I may just video those stitches!!!

Before I leave for the day I have to share the latest book I finished....Secret Daughter...sooooo worth the read!!!

Again thank you for being here with me...I so appreciate all the feed back and we will continue this amazing quilting journey together!