Thursday, July 27, 2017


This is the perfect way to start the blog day...with a fascinating book review! About unplugging.  Since I am out in the boonies, relaxing, reading, hiking, stitching and sewing I had to write this blog post ahead of time because we have limited service to upload.  Sometimes I can post a photo or text but pretty much limited otherwise.  This book was an EYE OPENER...especially for the youth of our world.  But, let me tell you it also made me look at how I live my life.  I have friends who are totally plugged into their is a life line for them.  And, me...I am somewhere in the middle.  I limit my time on the internet and yes sometimes I miss postings on Instagram and Facebook.  But actually living my life is more important.  Balancing the social media world and living ones life takes a conscious intention.  So when my friend Leslie suggested we turn our phones off when we stitch together I was all for it...someone has to spark the movement! LOL  It is the most rewarding for me to actually meet some of our followers in person...putting a personality to a comment.  Great book...add it to your list!

One of my stitch groups started a challenge BOM in 2016 of Yoko Saito's Floral Bouquet but in wool and it is an amazing quilt...some of us are still working on it...We all were challenged by the border and are changing it up...the original border had 4 baskets, some on their sides and one upside down...not working for us.  Please click on the photo to enlarge because Linda created they more spectacular border...and yet...

...I love the simplicity of Kim's border treatment!  You have to enlarge the photo to see how wonderful the long arm quilter enhanced this beautiful quilt.

It just goes to show that no one is the boss of you and your creation...and we all don't fit in the same quilt square!!

Belknap Hotsprings is wonderful 
and it is just was the doctor ordered...
relaxation and stitching.