Thursday, July 6, 2017

Blessings By Stitch Angels

I am blessed by Stitch brings tears to my eyes that  stitchers would take the time out of their lives to make a gift for me...I was left speechless yesterday!!!  What I do know is we stitchers so appreciate handmade gifts because we know the thought and time that goes into making them.  Kathy surprised me with the sweetest Woolie...and, his shirt has bees on it plus his jacket is embellished with bee buttons. Around his neck and on his shoes are bells so I can tell if he is up to mischief!  

(you can click on the photo to enlarge for a closer look.)

His name is Master Wellington Bee and he loves honey :)

 I no sooner got back to the classroom after lunch and one of my students gave me a Hexie coaster with Bees!!!   G and I have fun with the Quilt Roadies and the blog but it fun to know someone is actually watching or reading our stuff and so know that my sewing room is called the Bee Hive.  We are so grateful for the connection, friendship and love that we feel. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I had to show you the back because the little label has a smiling Bee :)

The next 2 days I mentor the Sit 'n Stitch class and this is one of those classes where the pedal hits the medal...sewing machines on full speed Scotty!!!  Have a wonderful day and stay tuned!