Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Any Quilt Losers Out There???

First of all...thank you, thank you, thank you...for all the opinions and support on my quilting dilemma.  I read every comment and answer  when there is an email address attached.   For some reason when some of you sign up to follow (thank you) your email is not included and so I am unable to respond...but know your thoughts and suggestions are much appreciated! 

I am beginning to think that the Quilt Loser is a myth...it seems I am surrounded by Quilters who finish stuff!!!  Maybe loser is too strong a word...maybe Appetizer Quilter is better...you try small things, you start and stop...not getting a big serving done??? is that you?  Anyhoo...I was at my Sew 'n So group and Linda had several things going but she also finished a big project.  You can guarantee that she is going to get everything she starts done!!!  This Crabapple Hill quilt for her husband was huge...and she finished it!

...she is already deep into other projects
 and making good headway.  
I love this dress stitchery!

although I am not doing this one either...
I do have the witches with quilts on my list.

When I saw this sweet stitchery I decided I MUST do it!!!  
I think the solution to my problem is to be a hermit stitcher
 so I don't see what others are doing!!

I am out camping and testing out 
the featherweight on the road...
will give you a report on Thursday :)
Have a great stitching week!