Thursday, June 29, 2017

Catch Up Chit Chat

We enjoyed a wonderful week in Portlandia, enjoying a little city life but most of all to be with our "older" grandson...all 5 years of him (love 5 yr. olds).   Enzo got a sleep over and both boy and dog were happy.

I can't wait till this little guy can have a sleep over :)  
He is pretty darn chill.

I did a lot of walking, reading and stitching and even took in a movie while G was out playing in the Colombia River.  I can't remember who recommended this book but it is A++++ I enjoyed every page!!! So put it on the top of your list!

...also this movie was a powerful on so many levels and definitely worth seeing!  Based on a true story of a young Marine and her bomb sniffing dog who went on a 100 missions together in Iraq.  The power of love.

After arriving back in Sisters, G and I decided to go out to dinner. In the restaurant was a reminder of what is just around the corner!!  A sponsor quilt was hanging...This one was made by Jerry Lindstrom of Redmond Oregon.  It is getting exciting around here!!!

Have a great day...I have got a couple of more labels to sew!!!