Thursday, June 8, 2017

Berry Time

Not only is it  Oregon Strawberry season it was also time for the Berries to meet at Nola's house.  Just so you know...Oregon strawberries are the best...they are sweet and red all the way through.  The season is short so we try to enjoy them to the fullest!...Now, back to the other Berries who are a group of women with have a long history in of stitching together in Sisters.  Life is busy but we try to meet once a month at one of our houses and this month it was Nola's.  The project Nola is working on is actually our towns street flags!  Generous of spirit she made some bright happy flags that are attached to sticks and sit on holders next to the cross walks on either end of town.  We are a tourist town which means a lot of  pedestrians and cars compete for space.  To increase safety when crossing the street you grab one of these flags and wave it as you cross so the drivers can see you!!  The kids love them!

I had to show you this sweet little quilt that Pat made...each square is about 3 inches.  She prepped the squares with hearts and then needle turned them while traveling by plane.  Great idea to keep you distracted while flying!

I am stitching away on baby quilt...I have a feeling the bambino will be here before I am done but I still have high hopes, LOL...wish me luck!