Thursday, May 18, 2017

What Day Is It????

My sister and I grew up as Nomads...culturally and genetically we are a family on the move.  She flew in at midnight Tuesday from her youngest sons PhD graduation in Hawaii and on Wednesday we all were on the road wine tasting!  Our book groups are having a mutual gathering today.  So much is going on I forgot it was Thursday Blog Day!  So sorry!!!

Although wine and book club goes together...I am not sure wine and stitching is a great combination, LOL.  I did get some stitching down while the group sat around the campsites.  I am working on this cute Red Button pattern.  It really is adorable!

I can't help myself anymore but have to add a little bit of what I have learned from Sue Spargo...and so am adding a few bullion stitches to the top of my circle flowers.  I love the little bit of whimsy it adds.  The rest will be a whip stitch.  Hopefully I will finish the stitch  on this trip but if not then the next.  I really want to add this one to my wall of little quilts before Quilt Show!

Hope today is a stitching day for you...for us...
we are shopping Napa 
and meeting with my sister's book group to discuss 
The Other Einstein!