Tuesday, May 9, 2017

RV Adventure Oasis

For those of you pondering an RV Adventure the number one challenge is missing your girlfriends.  I am not totally 100% sure but I don't think the guys even consider this for themselves...but, for women...well we are connected in a different way.  What was that book a few years ago...Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus?  I loved the sight seeing and was most happy when we were packing up camp and looking towards the next horizon.  But, for the few down moments (other than then Enzo being sick in the beginning, the RV breaking down and having to visit the dentist)...it was missing my girlfriends that tugged at my heart strings.  

I was so happy and highly recommend connecting along the way with new and old friends!  It was like a girlfriend oasis in the middle of our RV desert.  

As the wheels on the RV turned towards home our last stop included a dear friend to both G and I.  Twilene picked us up at the campground and as we shared a meal we caught up on each others children, quilting, and how she has embraced her new home town.  It was a beautiful evening and filled the soul!

I wanted to share with you the coolest part of her huge sewing and scrap booking room!  Her SIL inserted these shelves into the empty space under the eaves of the roof!!!  It is am amazing use of lost space and spans the entire length of her sewing room!

Lots of catching up for us before the next adventure!  Have a wonderful week!