Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Power Outage & More Wine Than Stitching

 We were having a perfect day in Portland...beautiful weather, warm, hanging  out with our grandson...and then the power went out.  It is very weird when the power goes out in an entire high rise...but, it is even weirder when the power goes out to the core of downtown Portland.  You could see pockets of light off in the distance and right across the street from us the Safeway block had power...but, from us north to past Powell's Bookstore and then across the river!!! no electricity!!!  As day became evening and evening became night...it only got weirder...to see people walk pass and disappear into the complete darkness of downtown Portland.  Oh...if you were curious...than meant no A/C on a very hot day and night which meant we left the windows open and the night time activity of the city was our entertainment.  It is a curious thing to not have electricity...our phones are dead...no charging ability...my hair is wet...no blow drier.  I have what battery is left on my computer :) and my hotspot! but I will bid adieu to conserve power and share a little of what our travels included in Napa!  Supposedly we will go without power until tonight...I will light candles to the power gods!!! 

I did a bit of stitching but out of the 5 of us gals only 3 are quilters...but, all are wine drinkers, LOL.  We did take a field trip to Broadway Quilts in Sonoma which I will share with you on Quilt Roadies in a few days.

We and our guys spent a week in a lovely campground...and the office thought it would be nice to put us all together in our own little area...poor us...we camped on a knoll overlooking a vineyard.

The days were filled with activities, tasting wine and good food.  Enjoying the sunshine being hosted by my sister the hostess with the mostess!

Robin and Kim decided to take a break from the walk and have a seat...
I thought they were taller?!

 Wine and gift shops are just like quilt shops...filled with ideas you want to go home and recreate.  I have been saving wine corks for years and need to start using them in crafts...this was adorable!

Talent abounds in this world if you make time to enjoy it...these bow ties were incredible!  Made out of a variety of feathers!  I left these in photo form rather than slideshows so you could click on them to enlarge.

Whoever created these bow ties could become a quilter! 
 The color and design placement was beautiful.

Don't you know someone who "Sleeps with Dogs"  I can see an embroidery project...with little wool foot prints :)

Not a lot of stitching but a whole lot of time hanging out with friends which is just as sweet.  I hope your week is filled with one or both!!