Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Travels With Enzo

The blessing of traveling is the people you meet.  You really come to understand that flexibility, acknowledgement and empathy would make for a better world.  It is interesting to me that even though G, Enzo and I are basically introverts, traveling has put us in situation where we get our extrovertism on, lol.  Least you say...there is no way Anna is an introvert...the very definition of introvert vs. extrovert is how you recover from social situations...G, Enzo and I need alone time.  Hence the capacity for us to spend weeks on end together in the RV without a problem...it's quiet, lol.

I do love to meet new people and have seen so many kind spirits.  Our intention is to keep traveling as long as we can in between stops at our home base...and to keep promoting those Independent Quilt Shops!  And, Quilters!

We have one of those US camping maps on the side of our RV and put a sticker on, if we camp a night in the state...and of course see a quilt store, quilter or sewing room :).  Still pretty bare...so many places to visit!

This map on the other hand was one of our 
camping neighbors...amazing. 
 It is so encouraging!

There are still many awesome quilts shops ahead and I have scheduled a couple of stitching days with local quilters where ever I will be. One of the highlights of our stay in the Phoenix area was an invitation to visit Jackie at the Arizona Quilts.  Talk about a beautiful soul!  She is new to quilting and I can tell is already hooked.  Two of her friends just became the new owners of Arizona Quilts and she agreed to come on board with her back ground in sewing...she has now added quilting to her repertoire :)  Thank You Jackie for including me in your circle of friends!

Least you think it is all about quilting...close, but not quite...we get to rest...

Stitch and enjoy the scenery

...and relax

Have a wonderful day and thank you for coming along on our journey here, on the Quilt Roadies and The Quilt Show