Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Bee Hive News ~ Tuesday Edition!

Cactus Lesson from Professor Curtis...The Crested Saguaro is a rare mutation of the Saguaro Cactus.  It is not know why this occurs but scientist speculate that it may be either insect/bird caused or maybe weather has something to do with it the mutation.  Just to show you how rare these specimens are...in the Saguaro National Park 1 in 10,000 exist...which calculates out to about 24-40 in the entire park!  I saw this one outside the Desert Museum but G actually spotted one with his uncle while out on the Quad Runners.

I have learned a lesson...maybe piecing a block with over 70 pieces in an RV is not the best idea, LOL...I had to get up and down a gazillion times to iron the pieces with my not so functional iron...I can't wait to find that Panasonic Cordless Iron...there has to be one for sale somewhere on the road!!!  One more block to do and I will have all the blocks finished for the 2015 Designer Mystery Quilt...which for me is no longer a mystery because my friend Lori finished hers, LOL

So...are any of you going to go on the cruise with G and I???  I thought a cruise with Sue Spargo was a no brainer...for G...I wondered if he would take up stitching with wool???  But, when I shared with him the ports of call he was on board...no pun intended!  When I asked him what he would do on the at sea days while I stitched???...his answer...you mean when I am lying by the pool?  If you are interested check it out, Panama Cruise Oh, besides Sue Spargo there are 4 other quilt instructors...Joe Cunningham, John Flynn, Luke Haynes and Gloria Loughman to chose from!

Have a wonderful Tuesday filled with smiles!