Thursday, March 23, 2017

No Regrets

Isn't this the truth!  We are now spending the week with G's uncle and aunt who we haven't seen in over 7 years and I can't say enough how glad I am we made the trip!  Connection with family and friends is the most important part of life.

I have been squeezing a little time in here and there for some sewing..started my second set of quilt blocks using a French General Jelly Roll!  We are going to hang out here in the desert for a few more days which means I just may get this quilt top done in between the 4 wheeling!!! LOL

Our visit to Hoover Dam was nostalgic for me because I remember when my mom and dad took there first "no kids" vacation and it was to The Hoover Dam.  As we walked around I wondered what it had looked like when my parents were here?  Much changed after 9-11.  A Bypass was built so that large trucks and buses could not drive across the dam because of it's importance to our nations infrastructure.  Hoover Dam has it's own police force and security department.  You must go through security check points to visit the in G had to get out and open all the outside compartment for inspections and a security officer entered our RV for a quick check.  Enzo looked guilty right away...and then the security officer started talking to him and it was tail wagging time, lol.  I wondered what my dad would have thought about it all.

Definitely worth a stop and visit...considering it was between 1931 and 1936!

Keep on Keeping on...stitching!