Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Woolie News

I am just about packed and ready for Empty Spools!  Robin, Lori and I are taking a class with Sandra Leichner who is going to teach fine applique.  My ulterior motive is my applique UFO's.  Since I will become a student and traveling I won't be posting a blog until I return.  But, you will be able to see what I am up to on Instagram and Facebook.  Also there will be a post on The Quilt Show Daily Blog Anna & G On The Road.  I will be taking a video camera with me and when I return G will edit my video (don't expect anything professional from me!)  G is looking forward to some quiet time where he will be working on composing new music for the Quilt Roadie Videos.  

In the meantime I have been packing my schedule with girlfriend stitching time because I will miss everyone...but, what a blessing to be alive during this time when we are all connected by the stroke of a key and I hope to hear from everyone along the way.

I wanted to share some inspiration I have received this week.  My friend Leslie has been working on this adorable wool and cotton piece and found the prefect hanger to display it with!

A couple of girlfriends came out to play in the Bee Hive and brought some Show 'n Tell...boy does this first one take me back.  This book and fabric line was one of Valori Wells' earliest lines...boy does time fly :)

Enzo was enjoying the Show 'n Tell and this beautiful Hawaiian print quilt was wonderful on a day that was spitting snow.

But he definitely packed his rucksack and chose the quilt he was taking with him, lol.  I am not sure Robin is going to let him have this one.

This close up shows how she machine appliqued her flowers. 

Have a great day...week...make time for stitching...make time for friends...enjoy the moments and we'll see you back here on March 14th...but don't forget I'll be on Instagram and Facebook.