Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Here's To Dreamers...

 It is hard to believe that G and I would have any time to do anything else but shovel snow...but we took a break and went to see La La Land.  It was entertaining and we are huge Emma Stone fans.  It really is a fun movie to see on the big screen and it is a tribute to dreamers...and I can't imagine a bigger group of dreamers than quilters!

This book was a must read.  A non-fiction it talks about the legal system in America through the eyes of the author.  You think boring...it is anything but...I couldn't stop reading it.  And I recommend it to every citizen.

Back to the snow...what a pile.  I told you last week while shoveling I took a cartoon fall and boy have I been paying for it...oh my aching sacroiliac!  It is going to take a while to mend from that bounce...and now we are preparing for the Big Melt.  Temperature is predicted to go up this week.  G and I spend the weekend, taking down the Christmas lights, digging the snow away from the house and piling sandbags to direct the flow from the melt away from the front of the house.  Oye Vey...winter is beautiful but boy is it a lot of work!

In between all that outdoor work I made time to stitch.  The dreamer in me came out and I started working on old projects.  My Sew Spooky really took a leap.  The whole center is completely done!!  Now for the pieced blocks of candy corn and a border of bats!  I have put it away till next month  so I can keep chipping away at other projects!

Here are a few shares from Fellow Woolies...I love how the mini Buttermilk Basin mat is framed and interchangeable!  Never thought to do that with them :)  Wonky trees will become an awesome quilt...I especially love the one with the snowman!  Please join me on Instagram and when you post a photo hashtag it to either #2017bomquiltchallenge #2017stitchchallenge or #2017ufoquiltchallenge  and then we can all share the journey this year!!!  I have decided that is the best place for us to support each other and be inspired!

Check out The Daily Blog tomorrow to see which new BOM I am participating in...maybe you would want to join me!  Crazy loves company!!!  Have a wonderful stitching day!

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