Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Holiday Chit Chat

Yesterday Enzo and I walked down to the post office and then stopped for a cup of coffee.  When my coffee came there was a message :) and I was reminded that for all the joy, tinsel, parties and gift giving it can be daunting for those that are grieving or alone this time of year.  And, sharing a little love can make a difference for someone. There isn't a one of us that isn't missing someone this time of year.  Today I am going to make an effort to listen for the grief. 

I just had to share one of my Christmas cards.  I shared my friend Marilyn's holiday decor, I am sharing the cutest Christmas card she sent.  She always is very selective with her Christmas cards and this one is a winner!  It is actually demensional! And she included a photo of me...her and George :)

I also was gifted the cutest Hexie pincushion...and no that is not pre-printed fabric but actual mini hexies!! which arrived in this adorable Wool box.  I love them!!

Finished a couple of holiday projects I was working feeling quite smug.  It is hard for me to believe it is only 5 days till did that happen!  Today I am heading into Bend for some holiday  celebrating with quilt friends and we are to bring a project which we are declaring will be our 2017 project to finish and a project which we finished in 2016...can't wait!!