Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Give Away Day 4 + Winner

If you have been a reader of the Woolie Blog you know how much I love my Holiday videos.  I hope you are enjoying them :)

Not much of a blog post today...got selected to come back for jury selection today which means after the dump of snow  last night I am going to have to leave really early to make it to the County Court House in Bend.  Yesterday during Jury Orientation I got my Christmas cards done :) and today I am taking some wool stitchery with me!

The winner of the Day 2 Give Away is Judy in Michigan!!!  email your mailing address and sometime this week I will get it sent off!!  Tomorrow is the Day 3 Give Away so you have another day to leave a comment Here and please be a registered follower of the Woolie Blog!  Don't forget that tomorrow is the Anna & G On The Road blog post on The Quilt Show.

The Day 4 Give Away! Is a wonderful winter scene donated by a fellow quilter and even has all the freezer paper templates included.  If you are interest leave a comment on today blog post :)

Have a wonderful day and will see you here tomorrow!