Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Final Challenge 2016 + Announcements

For those who celebrate, wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.  Don't forget tomorrow's post on The Quilt Show Daily Blog Anna & G On The Road.  We will be on blog holiday until November 29th.  Exciting times ahead, Stacy West aka Buttermilk Basin is coming to play in Portland! And, for those of you who have been a Woolie reader for a while...drum roll...the 12 Days of Christmas Give Away starts on Dec. 1st!!!  Remember you can only qualify for the give aways if you are a registered follower of the Woolie Mammoth

Quote of the Day

 This is your one life...make it memorable

This past weekend I was having some up and down moments and had an overwhelming desire to feel some control over my world.  Now...think about it...how does a quilters gain control over their world?  They organized their stash! OMG...OMG...here is the disclaimer (not in tiny writing) DO NOT do this unless you can live with chaos for several days.  And so, I challenge you for one final 2016 challenge to reorganize your stash.  I am not kidding you...I felt like I was possessed by all the quilter's who have gone to that great sewing room in the sky and left behind a mess.

I use a 8 x 6 inch ruler to wrap all my fabric, folding it first selvage to selvage and then in half again so I can wrap it around the ruler.  I pull the ruler out and then use my iron to flatten it a bit...like getting air out of a plastic bag.  I then moved it around creating different stack criteria.  This is when I found out I had a full stack of border fabric, Halloween, dots and stripes!  I also made separate stacks for my Asian themed fabrics.  Otherwise I kept to the color wheel format.  I looked through all my bins, reorganized them...getting reacquainted with my kits and fabric bundles.

What this did for me was make me fall in love with what I have...wonder why I bought something and ignited a quilting fire within me!  I got rid of a nice pile of "what the he**" fabrics.  And, am now a born again quilter.  I strongly encourage you before the end of the year to immerse and touch each piece of fabric you own and 2017 will be our year!!!

I just want to go stand in this closet and feel smug!!! LOL

Fabrics are stashed by color way except for Asian prints, dots, stripes, border prints and Halloween.  Milk crates hold wool by color way and kits.  To the right are project boxes and 2 wire baskets of Civil War fabrics.  Batting on the top shelf along with rolls of fusible and bolt of muslin, SF 101 and black Kona.

Getting off my soap box and on to other things!!!  HH and I went to see the new JK Rowling movie and I have to give it a "C"  Not as exciting or engaging as the Harry Potter series.  Granted our expectations are high...but, this fell below the mark even with all the great actors.

Enjoy the last few days of November and we'll see you back here on Nov. 29th!  See you on Instagram and Facebook :)