Thursday, October 20, 2016

Start Planning

As we tip over into the second half of October I have already been plotting ways to make headway in my growing pile of  projects...ALL of which I love.  I always function more efficiently when I am quilting with friends where we can encourage each other to keep on stitching.  I started an Instagram hashtag board where we can post any headway we make on a quilt, BOM, stitchery, blocks.  So when you make ANY headway post the photo and type #2016BOMchallenge . This way we'll see what each other is working on and finishing!!! We will finish 2016 with a bang.  Then Jan. 1st I will start a 2017BOMchallenge.  Together we can work together to enjoy our journey!

I had a wonderful 2 day Sue Spargo stitchery class with Tonye Belinda Phillips.  We are so blessed to have someone who can easily step in for Sue while she progresses forward towards wellness.  If you have ever taken a Sue stitchery class it is a unique experience...low show up with a piece to stitch and then make a goal of learning 2-3 stitches.  The stitching that Sue Spargo teaches is not your run of the mill embroidery stitch and Tonye has a wonderful grasp on the steps.  You will be able to enjoy a slide show of this wonderful class held at Stitchin' Post on The Quilt Show Oct. 26th A & G on the Road.

I almost got my piece done and boy did I have fun!!!  I learned so much and my classmates were so productive! to keep stitching and get her done!