Thursday, October 27, 2016

Movin' Movin' Movin....

I tell my last post stated I am on a roll and it is all because of a change in the quilting brain waves!  Looking at my projects and putting them up on my design wall as I feel like working on them has cleared the clutter!  Yes...I still have a Matterhorn size pile of projects but dealing with them on the design wall individually has made a huge difference.  It's like when you go out to lunch with a friend and you turn your cell phone off because you know the relationship is one you want to spend time on and you don't want to be distracted by others :)

Talk about distractions I have great friends for that!  I prepped this project yesterday after seeing the "completed" project by Anne and Sandy.  I had a nice pile of woven towels to choose from and a lovely pattern from Buttermilk Basin although the more I look at it I think I may make it into a pillow for my cousin...isn't that what quilting is all about, sharing.

I finished  another block of my Yoko Saito BOM by Primitive Gatherings!  I love the color and feel of this BOM.

...and look at this adorable pillow I made!!  I love it!

Yes, it has been a productive couple of days thanks to the encouragement of fellow stitchers! Stitching in a group helps keep me focused and as Sandi says...the crow brain in check when they see something shiny, LOL  Oh lookie that.....hop hop hop