Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Happy Soul!!

I did a few quilting brain adjustments this weekend!  #1  I cleared off my design wall!  Instead of having the entire wall covered with 6 different ongoing projects I decided to clear it off and only have up a specific project I want to make headway on...I cannot tell you how this small move has changed the way my quilting soul feels.  I actually felt a decrease in my stress level.  And, it seems to help in my productivity.

The next thing I did was start poking around at the little piles that were laying on the cutting table, sewing table and stitching table.  It seems I spend a lot of time moving these piles around so I could work on other piles.  Well, on Sunday and Monday afternoon I picked up a pile and worked on it till it was done!  

1st. pile to be completed, my placemats using adorable fabric I found at the Center Diamond and a Valori Wells pattern.

Next up to be finished was Snowman Joy by Buttermilk Basin!  This was a project I started on the stitching cruise I took earlier this year with Stacy West and Lisa Bongean.  It is now ready for the holidays!

...and, finally I finished the project I used for my Sue Spargo stitchery class last week with Tonye Belinda Phillips.  I am so tickled that I got this done.  You can click on the photo to enlarge and see all my fun stitches.

Sometimes clearing out the cobwebs of piles both on surfaces and design walls can really lift the quilting soul.  Give it a try!  Don't forget to check out "Anna & G On The Road" the Daily Blog on The Quilt Show on Wednesday.