Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fabulous Fall

Although it rained the entire time we were camping the Fall colors were beautiful.  The news reported 2 tornado's on the Oregon Coast!  That is a rare occurrence. For us it was great weather to hang out with friends, talk, stitch and read. 

I was surprised by friends with another birthday celebration!  The cake was amazing dense chocolate...fantastic!  Can you believe this photo was taken inside of a girlfriend's 5th wheel!  They were on their maiden voyage and we broke it in with a party!

I received all kinds of wonderful goodies but this dish towel took the cake! LOL  My friends know me so well.  The only thing I would add is Step 5: Make sure Enzo is hiding in the bathroom :)

When I got home there was the most amazing birthday card in the mail...I just had to share it with you!

When you open the card a Ferris Wheel pops up.  It is so delicate and beautiful!

Now pay attention...I am going to give you the best advice you will hear all week and save you anywhere from $7 - $10.  DO NOT go see The Accountant.  We went to see it because of the title...mistake.  Truly the only redeeming part of the movie was 2 minutes in the last 10 minutes where they talk about autism.

Today I head to the Stitchin' Post for my stitchery class with Tonye Belinda Phillips who is subbing for Sue Spargo.  I have my piece all prepped, stitched down and ready for the fun part!  Embellishing the circles!!!  This piece will then be attached to the front of my Yazzi bag.  I can't wait for class!

Have a wonderful Tuesday...Fall is my favorite stitching season!  Don't forget tomorrow to check out Anna & G On The Road