Thursday, October 13, 2016

Catching Up!

I had so much fun making this table runner for my dear friend Robin.  She is the caregiver for my chicken Bridgette.  Robin has chickens at her house but she lives inside the city limits and only a certain number are allowed.  One of the chickens is mine.  She is a beautiful black chicken and her name is Bridgette.  From the beginning she was different...she loved to rome and did not agree to go back into the coop at night.  Sometimes Robin would get so frustrated and I would say...she is FRENCH and has a mind of her own.  So when I made the table runner I gave Bridgette an Effiel Tower tatoo :)  Thanks to Quilts by Cheri

In the neighborhood the landscapers are moving in packs now 
and they are cleaning my flowerbeds...

The featured quilter for this months Gallery Exhibit at Quiltworks was Corni!  
A talented and generous quilting spirit!

you can click on the bio and read about this local quilting gem!

Enjoy the slide really does reflect the history of this local quilter!  Have a great weekend and we'll see ya next week with some progress on my goal list!

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