Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Northwest Quilt Expo

The Northwest Quilt Expo is always an enjoyable event and this year I got to view it through the eyes of HH.  It was his first ever Quilt Show and I asked him along because I wanted a video for the Quilt Roadies...and truth be told, he is a much better videographer than I.  What I didn't realize is how it would affect my shopping, lol.  The vendor mall was exceptionally great this year with several booth touting wares that were right up my alley!  Running into 3 girlfriends totting their bags of purchases I realized that I had been reserved in my shopping.  HH has never seen me in a vendor mall...and well, I was not sure I wanted him to see the transformation...OMG, squealing, I have GOT to have this...  It is not like he would ever question my purchases. But, it is kinda like how you don't feel quite comfortable having your husband view you taking a poop.  They know you do it...but,  somethings are better left unknown...you know what I mean!!!

What he did notice was the average age of the quilters at the show.  I told him because it was a weekday and most of the youngsters were at work or taking care of kids.  As I looked through the video on Quilt Roadies i did see what he was talking about.  

Due to time constraints I didn't take a photo of every quilt but a nice cross section to give you an idea about the caliber of quilters in the Northwest...definitely a rockin' group!!!  We're a cool group!!!

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