Thursday, September 8, 2016

Berry Time

Oh you know you've had those moments!!!  It seems that HH always catches me  when I am having a group conversation by myself!  He'll ask...who you talking too?  or Did you win that argument?  It is those moments that make me realize how important girlfriend time can is a special time that grounds you into the reality that you are not alone.  No matter what life is throwing at you there is a real live person to hear your conversation, LOL.  The timing of the Berries getting together was perfect.  We get to share, get support and laugh.  4 of the group are expecting a new grandchild!  In fact one was in labor as we stitched!

We met our at Cathy's place which is a little slice of heaven, acreage with a full view of the 3 Sisters +!

We are slowly moving back into a warm period which is giving the flowers a second breath of life!

Take a look at this beauty!  It reminded her of one of their horses so she made it for her husband.

Pat was working on a wool project out of Primitive Quilts Spring 2015 issue and it is so cute!  I love that magazine and really should start making projects from my issues.

There was knitting, binding being tacked and a little bit of stitching going is a special day when we can stitch outside.  No sewing room  to share as Cathy's sewing room is in her house that is in town...which I have shown you before :)

Her life is the country has an entirely different agenda and flavor.  Check out what is going on at the ranch.

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