Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Tuesday Thoughts

Life is changing in the neighborhood and we are all adjusting but it has been the hardest on Enzo.  We are in the process of putting in a privacy wall which will have a great impact on us but poor Enzo has lost his Poop Lot and is back in training to adjust to a space that is a postage stamp size.  HH has been taking him out hiking every day which has helped.

I got so excited about my new coloring projects...you know...channeling my inner child...that I went out and bought this little spinning desk caddy to hold my color crayons.  With the Crabapple Hill technique of color and embroidery you need a lot of white crayons.  Now to get stitching, LOL...I must be nuts to add another handwork passion.

Sunday Robin got as many of the Fabric Stalkers together to stitch and go over some planning for our Sept. retreat.  Time is flying by and it will be here before we know it!!!  Robin's house is like a secret garden filled with all that she loves.  Her garden is amazing...her sewing room awesome...and all her creations are an inspiration.  I know you will be amazed.  Enjoy the slide show!  

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