Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Luckiest Quilter in Sisters

What I can share with you a quilt writer you have to believe someone out there is reading your babblings and that you enjoy the process of writing...otherwise why would you spend a portion of each day doing it.  I can honestly tell you that I love the process of the written word...I love books...I like leaving a positive imprint on this crazy world...even when I don't know who is reading.  But, every so often a blessing happens and I am humbled by the knowledge that others share the same quilters heart.

Naturally believing that I am blessed to live in the most perfect quilting place in the world I shout it out ALL the time across the Internet and then someone hear's me, LOL.  I was happy to hear that Michelle from Massachusetts was traveling through the area enjoying some of the spots and shops I talked about...including the Stitchin' Post.  And, she left me a message...Quilters Are The Nicest People...and a bag of goodies!  Thank you so much Michelle for taking the time to remind me yet again how blessed I am in this 21st century quilting journey.

We are definitely on count down to Quilt Roadies time and I am trying to wrap up some projects laying around...not only for me but for others, LOL.  During our quilt festivities I purchased one of Valori Wells hand inked pieces.  I was so amazed by not only the artistic talent but by the process of creating the piece and wanted to get it for my DIL.  Then it came down to the Fear Factor!!!  Not the TV show but that moment every quilter has do I quilt it??!!!  I couldn't even fathom cutting it up and my quilting skills...lets just say that with this piece I am on the front end of the Bell Curve.  So, I did the logical thing...I asked Val what to do???

I was Gobsmacked when she said she would quilt it...and, before she could reach that "what the H## did I just say I would do!"  I said, PERFECT...I'll bring it right over!  I dropped it off with it's creator to evolve a little more :)

This week I have family in town so more lovein' less stitching...hope you have a wondeful hump day and don't forget the GiveAway...we are on countdown!  Click the link, leave a comment and please be a registered follower of the blog :)