Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Living With Quilts

one of the challenges of writing on the road is keeping your data costs under control, finding WiFi access that is safe and that you can hook up too.  Most RV parks have free WiFi but with everyone using it there is a challenge to getting online.  We added a Hot Spot on our last trip but  you still have to be careful with your data plan!  This being said I may not be as timely with my email answering since I put everything on airplane mode to keep the roaming down.  On top of that I have to apologize to a whole bunch of people...all of you that I have answered your email using my Ipad...well, I found out the outgoing mail is not set up on my Ipad...so there were 80+ emails that I answered but never went out...Oye Vey...just when you are feeling smug about your techy smarts...it slaps you back a few notches!!  I am sure this has never happened to any of you???

One of the many blessing of having a friendship with the Twisted Sisters is...there is no end to the inspiration!  They are so creative...not just with quilting but in living.  They don't make quilts just to fold them and store them in a closet but really embrace them into their lives and into the lives of family, friends and people who they don't even know.  They make many quilts to donate and be used my those who might need a hug.

Last week when we visited Gabby and Bob's boat I immediately got a warm fuzzy because there were quilts...even in their boat!  

Gabby in the galley

When I first descended the hatch there was the challenge quilt from 2015 on the table.  That is the thing about quilts...most often they elicit a warm memory and can be a chronological memory of one's life.

The quilt hanging in the master suite is reminiscent 
of Jean Wells.

Have a look at this collage of Gabby's home which is a lovely oasis in Gig Harbor.  You can click on each individual photo to enlarge.

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