Thursday, August 11, 2016

Lazy Days

The Quilt Roadies is officially on the road!  It is hard to leave Sisters anytime of the year but it is especially challenging at this time.  Our growing season is a short one and my yard is in full bloom.  I have left detailed instructions with  DS #2 on how to take care of my plants and of course...there is Ralph...the goldfish which seems to have the life span of an elephant.

My goal is to relax!  The definition of relax for me is good reading, good stitching and good quilt shops.  Our first stop on Sauvie island is amazing...great bird watching, walks on the beach and watching the tankers heading out to sea.

Before leaving I ran into an 'ol friend...Cathy used to be a Fabric Stalker until life pulled her in a different direction.  Yes, she is still quilting, works part time at Sew Many Quilts and is in the process of finishing up the build of her new sewing room!!!  Come October she is hosting a multi-talented art faire at her home with over 10 different artist.  More info to come at a future date.  But, to just give you a peek...look at this adorable apron she has made out of a man's shirt!!!  Just think of the presents one could make out of dad or grandpa's shirts!

I hope you have a relaxing day...I know I am!!