Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Featured Quilter at QuiltWorks

I love small seems as the years pass I make smaller and smaller least when I am making one for myself.  I now only make big quilts when I am giving a family member or friend a bed quilt.  Although I have a lot of big quilt UFO's I now tend to cut them down in size to fit the walls in my house.  I only have 2 places I can hang big quilts and both of those are too hard to change quilts the quilts that are hanging there are staying there,  LOL.  I have been in love with little quilts and even wrote a couple of patterns that were published in Miniature Quilt Magazine when it was still being published.  I was excited when I saw the Featured Quilter Exhibit at QuiltWorks was all about miniatures.  Tina Witherell is truly a miniature quilt artist.  Enjoy the slide show and dream about the little quilts! And, let me know are you big quilt person or a little quilt person???