Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Crazy Packing...

I grew up a worry wort and I am happy to say that I outgrew it...at least for myself, for my children and grandchildren I am still a worry wort, lol.  But, I am trying to outgrow that also!  Really, when you look at it the only thing I really have control of is my fabric...and sometimes I am not sure I am in control of that!!!

Today my greatest fear as I am packing for our Quilt Roadie Trip is not having enough stitching packed.  It is a fine balance between over packing and under packing.  Personally I would rather have too much then not enough because I know if I ran out I would be forced to go buy a project...oye vey!  AND...I need variety...so far the designers traveling with me are Stacy WestLisa BongeanMeg HawkeySylvia PippenSue Spargo,  Kathi CampbellKathy Schmitz and my friend Debbi Germain ...boy, is it ever going to be crowded!!!

Have a great Tuesday...and, if you need a good laugh...just envision me running around like a quilter looking for the perfect thread as I pack!!!