Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Beach Tyme Quilts

I am feeling like a stitching ninja!!!  I am not sure if it is because I have taken a break from the routine or if because it is Olympic Time!  What ever the reason I am enjoying the feeling of productivity!!!  OMG...what is going to happen if I finish all my projects??? ROFLOL...like that would ever happen.  It is a great delusion.  I crack myself up.  Anyhoo...I have moved on to a block from the Yoko Saito BOM I am doing through Primitive Gatherings.  I really love this BOM and am looking forward to seeing this project finished.

We took a break from hanging out at the beach since it was cold and foggy.  I stumbled onto a quilt shop in Ocean Shores Washington.  Beach Tyme Quilts had a variety of products I had never seen before and I really loved their panel collection.  These are great to use in kids quilts.  They have a large classroom and have a customer base from far and wide because it is only one of 3 fabric stores in a huge area of the Washington Coast.

Although they do not have a huge wool presence they did have a wonderful bin of 5 inch squares already cleaned and felted for $1/square!  I had to pick up a few, along with their license plate :)

Enjoy the slide show and be sure to give them a look-see if you are in the Ocean Shores area of Washington...or you can order online or call :)  Tomorrow I head to Shibori Dragon  to meet up with the Twisted Sisters!!!  I will be taking a break from the Woolie Blog but you can check up with us on Quilt Roadies and The Quilt Show Daily Blog on Wednesday!

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