Monday, August 15, 2016

A life...

We are loving the pause in our lives...Our time on Sauvie Island was wonderful!  The weather was perfect and sitting on the beach each day was fabulous.  Miles of beach along the Columbia didn't mean that the sea life didn't make it all the way up to Portland!  As we sat there a huge seal was swimming along!

It was fun to watch all the boater enjoying the fabulous weather...but, I especially enjoyed see the sailboats.  Such fond memories from my youth.

I was so proud that Enzo learned to swim.  It is interesting to me that we have owned 2 standard poodles and 1 toy poodle and only Yoshi, the toy could swim.  Fearless in the water!  But, both standards were chicken.  

Those of you that follow on Facebook or Instagram know that I chose the chickens as project number 2 on this trip.  They are stitched!  When I get home I will do a little embellishing and then put them into a table runner.  I can't wait to show the finished are going to LOL.  

We have traveled up the Washington coast and are settled into Ocean City.  Although it was absolutely perfect on Sauvie it reminds us of our childhood on the Monterey Bay...foggy, cold and misty.  Which makes for perfect sleeping weather, LOL.  We are planning to work on a wool stitching video today using the latest FREE block by Buttermilk, stay tuned!