Friday, July 1, 2016

TGIF = Thank Goodness It's Free!!!

Yep, it is one of the blessings in the quilting world...The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show is FREE.  The show is one of those special things is life that is really what it is advertised as...FREE.  No charge for admission, it is outdoors and the quilts cover most of the buildings in town.  With 1200+ of them it is an amazing thing to see.  The quilts are sent from all over the world and it is a show where everyone who enters their quilt gets their 15 minutes of fame.  

It takes a quilt army to pull off this show from the Executive Director down to the minions...which is what this minion was doing yesterday.  I volunteered to help fold and tag quilts for the show. Every day quilts are delivered either in person or by mail.  Each one gets tagged and a label and ribbon are pinned to them.  Then they are folded & piled into organized stacks so that the bagging and hanging teams know exactly which building a group of quilts may be hanging.  The warehouse which is the staging area is cleaned and plastic is laid on the floor to keep the quilts clean.  

As the stack grow taller you can feel the excitement in the air!!!  

There will be a Woolie blog post on Monday but the blog will be off line the rest of the week as I will not have a moment to spare! But, I will be taking loads of photos to share the following week.  I teach Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and will be posting on Instagram and Facebook during the week.  You can get a peek at what's happening  around here on The Quilt Show Anna & G On The Road segment on Wednesday.  And, thank you for subscribing to The Quilt Roadies!

While folding quilts yesterday I took a few photos as a tease for the show...there is nothing like seeing them in person and I hope if you have never been you'll add it to your Bucket List!

The Winner of the Men Behind the Quilt Calendar is....Quiltbug!!!  Send me your mailing address :) Anyone else who is interested in a Calendar they can be ordered from The Stitchin' Post or you can enter the Give Away on the Anna & G On The Road

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