Monday, July 11, 2016

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, Chapter One

Yes, it is about the quilts and, in my opinion it is one of the BEST Quilt Shows because everyone can enter a quilt that fits the parameters  and every one gets a participation ribbon...and how wonderful is that!!!  But, truly for me it is about the people, the quilter's, the families who support the quilters in their lives and those that share their talent to expand our own dreams.

It was the perfect quilt show weekend and over the next few days I have a lot to share with you on both this blog, The Quilt Roadies and Wednesday on Anna & G On The Road...I just have to catch my breath and rest up, LOL!!!

I loved that my son was hanging quilts and that he, his wife and MIL stopped by to see me and my quilt.

I got to hang with Stacy West of Buttermilk Basin and 
Debbie Busby of Wooden Spool Design 
 Love my wool designers!!!

Such a wonderful day for the show with perfect weather!  Walking around town I got to chat with Kathy Doughty and Angela Walters

Back at home Robin and Lori were so inspired by the show that they started checking out Sandi's BOM which was by Sarah Fielke

These are Sandi's blocks!

Sandi has been a fan of the Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show traveling from Canada to hang out with me :)  Quilting is the thread that binds the world together and I am grateful every day that I chose to be a quilter!