Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Faith, Hope and Grace

I do believe kindness will save the world...and, quilters can lead the charge!

 This years Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show was spectacular...I know, I am going to say it over and over again, lol...but, it did required Faith, Hope and Grace.  Flexibility was the buzz word.  With an outdoor quilt show weather is always  on everyone's mind...naturally it required a lot of Faith and Hope.  I didn't for a moment worry about the weather.  Living here I know that this time of year what ever weather we have travels fast.  You never have to worry about your quilt because there is a town full of people who will at a moments notice jump in and help.  As it turned out I do believe this years weather was the best we have ever had!  Perfect temperature for a comfortable day of viewing.  In fact the Twisted Sisters (that is what I call them) who rent the VRBO behind us, said for the first time in all the years they have been coming they were out there viewing the quilts until 4:00!  The firemen started hanging at around 7:00 so it was a long comfortable day.

Because people worried about the rain there were fewer people in the morning which made for a  pleasant stroll down Cascade.  I hope for those of you that have never been you will put it on your must do list for next year!

It is fun to not only view the quilts but do a little shopping along the way.  At Beachams Clocks Lori and I found this adorable little sewing machine clock...perfect for sitting on the shelf next to my sewing machine!  

This morning I am taking Stacy West to the airport...no doubt about it I am going to miss having a Wool Professional around here!  We have had a great time but I think I may have worn her out...and she may need a vacation from the vacation...cause you guys know how I roll!  I will have loads of fun photos, videos and stories to share with you over the next week!  

Have a wonderful Tuesday and...lets get back to stitching!!!