Monday, July 25, 2016

Crabby. Crabby...NOT...Crabapple Hill :)

If there is one thing we quilters's patient....we have learned to work away on projects that may take us years to complete!!! Which means signing up for a retreat/workshop a year ahead of time is no problemo....And so, the musketeers signed up back in January of 2015 for a workshop in July 2016 :)  My philosophy is to live my life full steam ahead...I don't know what tomorrow will bring and so I embrace all that makes me and my friends happy!!!  

Visiting Crabapple Hill Studio was a very special is satisfying to see how one person's dream became a reality...if Meg could dream the vision that is Crabapple...then maybe one day I can dream of finishing all my UFO's!!!

The grounds of the Crabapple Hill Barn has wonderful vignettes of flowers...I love the framed bed spring for climbing flowers.

Meg was a wonderful hostess who moved from table to table spending girlfriend time with each of us.  Laughter, stitching, coloring...could there be a better day???

Our table included from left to right Tina, owner of Bittersweet Quilt Shop in Michigan, myself, Meg designer/owner of Crabapple Hill Studio, Robin, Lori and Sharon (quilt teacher at the Bittersweet Quilt Shop) Barb who also sat at our table was incognito.

Today I plan to hide out in my sewing room and regroup...enjoy some sewing time....sigh...I have been inspired.  Be sure to check out The Quilt Show on Wednesday and this week there will also be a video conversation with Meg on Quilt Roadies...stay tuned!