Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Whoopee Wednesday! Give Away Countdown!

We have reached the Hump Day of the week and it will be a downhill slide into the Quilter's Affair week. I can tell that quilters are already arriving in town.  

Yesterday I was ready for a little break and some stitch friends came over to take a stitch or two...but, what happened is we walked to the Depot Deli for lunch and then went into the Stitchin' Post for a little shopping.  So much for stitching, lol.

A dear friend brought me a red and white polka dot pot...I am not sure I am going to put a plant in it...right now I am putting my half square triangles in it...this pot is going to look soooo good with my candy apple red Featherweight!!!  With the support of a stitch friend I have finally cut apart my Triangle Paper and am now in the process of ripping the paper off.  I do believe I may finish this UFO before Christmas!

Since we were shopping in the Stitchin' Post I lucked out because a new shipment of wool came in!!!  And, Terri a local wool stitcher finished her Sue Spargo creation in time for the Quilt Show.  It will be hanging in the shop and if you are going to be here you MUST stop by and take an "in person" close look.  It is AMAZING!  Click on the photo to enlarge you view!

Today the Anna & G On The Road segment is on The Quilt Show,  check out our local celebrities...Teri Wood and Sandy Lachowski!  Also it is count down to  The Give Away click on this link and leave a comment that you are interested in owning a Men Behind The Quilts Calendar :)  

Have a wonderful Hump Day!!!  And, take a stitch or two....