Wednesday, June 22, 2016


I warned stitching yesterday...WHOA!  Instead it was a girlfriend day from beginning to end.  Sometimes you need that, a break from the stitching to make you want to do it more!!!  I did however hang with some quilters in the morning, would be too hard to go totally cold turkey.  I met my dear friend Marilyn of Bend and Diane of Texas for breakfast.  Diane who was a former neighbor of Marilyn's in Texas has come out twice a year to Bend and is a honorary member of a couple of groups in Bend!

Then in the afternoon I met another group of girlfriends for a late lunch and movie.  Today's blog post is a movie and book review.  First, Me Before You...I was having a hard time getting through the book which is unusual.  The movie was a tear jerker...and you did like the characters, especially Lou.  I love the idea that there are people in the world who the cup is always half full and that they march to a different drummer.  But, since I have seen the movie I am not going to finish the book :)

I was disappointed in Finding Dory....Finding Nemo was soooo cute, funny and clever.  The best park of Finding Dory was the animation short that was before the movie began.  This movie just didn't have the quick was more worrisome.  So much so that my young grandson said he want to leave....hummm a classic example of the sequel not being as good as the first movie.

This book is wonderful!  A little slow at the beginning but please hang in there you won't regret it.  At the beginning you just don't like anything about Ove but then you start to realize that people need to have patients, less judgment and maybe you will meet an extraordinary person.  I loved this book!!!

It was a good break but now back to stitching :)  Hope your day is filled with something special!