Thursday, June 16, 2016

Voila!!! She's A Dreamer

I think I have found out the problem, issue or blessing  that is my life!

I never pass a bolt of fabric where I don't see the possibility!  It's like each one is singing a love song to me!!  Do you hear music when you open a project box?!  or is it like a Horror Show when you open you stash closet or drawer...I'M BACK!!!!  Anyhoo...I had a moment when I was leaving the house yesterday to head over to Sit 'n Stitch...what to take...what to work on...I opened the closet door and it was like being at a Rock Concert....PICK ME!!!!

Enjoy the slide show of what everyone was working on and what's going on at Sew Many Quilts.  Be sure to check out the Anna & G On The Road segment on The Quilt Show and my conversation with June Jaeger on The Quilt Roadies.  Have a great Thursday and I hope it includes some stitching!

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