Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Thoughts for Tuesday

Hard to believe this little guy turned 28! yesterday.  Somebody is getting older and it ain't me!!!  We celebrated at Zydeco's in Bend and as usual the meal was delicious.  No birthday cake cause he doesn't eat sweets??? 

Still getting organized so not much quilting getting done...but, today is Woolies at Quilt Works and I have several projects prepped so all I have to do is pick which one I feel like working on...which is so convenient.  There can be no excuses.

I had an experience this past weekend that is something to explore.  Robin and I went to the quilt shop in Cannon Beach and we took along our friend Val who is not a quilter.  It was interesting to see what fabrics she was drawn too and it made me look at some displays in a different way.  I wonder if I am on to something?  A new way to expand your horizon. The things she pointed out I might have overlooked but with her there I took a longer look and even ended up buying something I normally might not have...hummm, what do you think?

I hope your Tuesday is filled with at least a bit of stitching!