Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Birds!!!

A friendly reminder, especially for me.  I love all the strong women in my family tree but, the voice I need to listen to in my head late at night when  all is my own voice.  That voice if given a chance really knows me and my dreams...I support you in letting your own voice ring loud and clear!

In 1963 when Alfred Hitchcock released the movie The Birds I was terrified.  At 10 years old this was my first horror movie and it left a huge pecking impact!!!  One day after seeing the movie I was walking to school and this black bird swoop down and pecked me on the head!!!  I screamed and ran all the way to school!!!  Well the birds in the slide show will not scare you!  The group gallery exhibit for May was bird themed quilts and what a variety!  Have fun watching The Birds...also we have produced some new Quilt Roadie videos :) A conversation with Tonye Belinda Phillips and Jean Wells Keenan.  Please's free :)

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