Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Preparing For The Big One....

No, I am not talking about earthquakes! LOL  But I realized this winter when I had a  3 day prep-a-thon how good it felt!  I had 10 or 12 projects prepped and boy did that make me feel accomplished.  What I have found is that hand work includes a lot of prep work...so much so that you feel like you have twice the project with each one.  And, prepping creates it's own mess.  So, if you are going to prep a project and make a mess, why not prep two or three.  Then when the mood strikes you all you have to do is sit down and start stitching!

As I have said before I am a Buffet quilter.  I especially like Primitive designs but, I also like Asian, Folk, Modern...Quirky.  It makes sense to prep a variety of projects...that way when the mood strikes me I have the perfect project.  I find that hand work relaxes me.  Kinda of like a Quilt Valium. 

After the boys left and the house quieted down I started prepping again.  I decided that the Cuppa project bag block needed to be ready for whenever I needed a Sue Spargo fix.  This block, once stitched is to be attached to the front of the Yazzi project back.  So cute!  And naturally I prepped it my way so I could haul it around with me.

I know I already showed you one of these blocks I prepped but anyhoo, here is the other one.  Each time I prep one of the blocks from the Yoko Saito BOM through Primitive Gatherings I get excited all over again about how beautiful this quilt will be!!!

This week I am also going to catch up on prepping my Free Buttermilk Basin BOM but today is going to be a girlfriend play day...OMG...no stitching!!!  I hope you get some stitching in and think about me, LOL