Thursday, June 9, 2016

On The Road Again

I almost hate telling him we are heading on the road again...but, without him :(  We are caravanning to the coast with 3 other couples and 2 of them are cat people and 2 dog people...after a short discussion it was decided to not bring our pet family members because of the weather and attention they would need.  I don't feel toooo bad for Enzo because he get to go to Camp Mel which he loves.  Mel and grandma treat him like a member of the family and he has 5 acres to run around in.   

The main reason for the trip is the Sandcastle Building Contest...though with a 60% chance for rain...we may just be hunkered down in the RV.  Although there are only 2 of us who are quilters we are going to visit the Center Diamond no matter what!  I love this shop!!! 

I have decided on 3 projects for the trip...after all it is going to rain...I am tacking down the binding on my Buttermilk Basin 2015 Free BOM, I need to finish a little bit more embellishing stitches on my class sample and then some nice wool stitching projects...oh and maybe a Sashiko for variety.  This should keep me a happy camper!

The Woolie blog will be taking a vacation on Friday but you can catch me on Instagram or Facebook.  Have a great weekend and we'll see you on Monday!