Wednesday, June 15, 2016

110% Day!

This week was looking like a low key stitching week but  a whole lot of fun got added on top!  My sister was in town so I headed over to Bend to have breakfast at McKay's Cottage which is an awesome place...and guess what...a million other people thought it was awesome also.  Bend must be the hottest place to be and McKay's was the place to be seen, LOL.

Afterwards I headed to Woolies at Quilt Works!!!  It had been so long since I had stitched with everyone I was giddy.  And, then...Marilyn showed me the 2016 Row by Row...did someone say ADORABLE!!!  I haven't really gotten into the Row by Row...but, this row called my name!  Wonder Why???

The other highlight...I finished another UFO project, a sweet Snowman by Bonnie Sullivan.  I love stitching but the I really love finishing, LOL.

The only requirement at Woolies is that your project have some wool...other than that we all work on our own projects.  It was so great to be back stitching with my Woolies! Have a great day!

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