Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wednesday Wonders...and Wifi Whoas

It has been somewhat of a challenge writing blog posts and uploading video on the road but we have managed a modicum of success until today.  The WiFi here at the Spanish Trail RV Park sucks.  I can hear HH telling me about Hot Spots for WiFi...may have to look into that...

Anyhoo...I had a surprise invitation to the meeting of the Moab quilt guild, Delicate Stitchers of Moab.  There is nothing that makes a town feel a little like home than hanging with a bunch of welcoming quilters!  I was treated to a nice show 'n tell and today will be heading over to It's Sew Moab to check out the local quilt shop!!!  I'll have these slide show on The Quilt Show next Wednesday.

I did finish stitching my Santa's and I have decided to do what Roxie did with hers and leave the snowflakes least till I get home.  I don't have the fabric to do the final layer and I am thinking I want to put little star buttons on the end of his hat.  We shall see....

Besides seeing the wonders of Arches National Park I watched HH bake fries in the microwave!!!  It was scary but they tasted great...I tell you the inventors of the world are amazing! A microwave that turns into regular oven???

Well here he is...amateur videographer and editor of the Quilt Roadies...depending on the Wifi we hope to load the next video in a day or so...keep your fingers crossed!  Have a great Wednesday...there is fabric in my future today!!!

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