Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Viva Las Vegas....

Las Vegas was a last minute add on to pass some time while we waited to head up to Midway, Utah for a Quilting Experience :)  But this little diversion was one filled with memories to savor.  We enjoyed our stay at the Oasis Las Vegas RV resort, spent one evening walking Las Vegas Blvd...and...

even Enzo made a friend...Carl, the pigeon.

But our most amazing time was spent with our new friend Rox and Sue who we met at the Sedona RV park.  Las Vegas is their home base and when they found out we were heading their way they invited us over for a home cooked breakfast....or should I say a chef prepared breakfast!!!  Although they are not quilters...they know quilters, LOL  and have received quilts as gifts.  When I think of the work that goes into one of these rag quilts I know that the quilter really loved them.

Although you can't see the full quilt below it was a gift of love and the entire quilt is hand quilted!!!

Their house was filled with art work...and their style is so much like our own...they display what they love...not what looks good in a magazine photo, when you walk in you must stop at each piece and have a conversation about it...there is beauty and humor throughout the home.

Loved this woven fiber pillow!

and, this Hawaiian shirt quilt is reminiscent of one I made my sister!

The most amazing piece was this Dutch Baby that Sue made for breakfast!!!  Can you believe someone could make one of these in their own kitchen!!??  I know that Enzo doesn't even want me to get excited at the thought of it...but...Sue did give us the recipe!

You never know when you might meet someone wonderful if you keep your heart open.  Greg and I had a wonderful morning because we did just that :)  Enjoy some of the beautiful art work in their home.  You can enlarge the photo by clicking on them.  Today is a new segment of Anna & G on the Road with  The Quilt Show and we hope you subscribe to our Quilt Roadies's FREE.   Today we start making our way to the Heber Valley...I hope you have a wonderful day.

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