Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday Muses

We definitely have to stop at a grocery store...I had to resort to buying a single container of Honey Nut Cherrios for my yogurt at the RV convenience store.  I now know why kids like this stuff so is...AWESOME.  I should have bought the Trix...I think that would have been great with yogurt.

I have almost finished quilting block 4 and have high hopes that this will be hanging in my house by the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show!

Our last evening in Newport Beach was spent with family at a Korean BBQ restaurant.  They are a wonderful experience if you ever get the chance.  Each table has it's own BBQ where you cook your own meat.  Korean food is very healthy and highly spiced :)  

It's my dad's birthday today although he passed away almost 40 years ago I know he would be loving the adventure that HH and I having.  When I left for college he bought a tent trailer and he and my mom set out for parts unknown.  Between that and the sailing I would say his middle name was Adventurer :).  I see him often every time my boys make me laugh.

The family time was just what the soul needed!  Now we are heading to Sedona with an overnight at Quartzsite!  Hope your week includes some stitching time!

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