Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Muses???

I can hardly keep up with the life we lead....but, Fridays is the day I look back and go...oh yeah...I forgot to share that, LOL.  When we left Las Vegas we had to stop in St. George and return a screen we bought for the RV...didn't fit and we didn't find enough sun to use it...the weather patterns for the last year have been interesting.  Anyhoo...while HH went into Camping world I saw this "new" kind of RV sitting on the street.  OMG, I want one!!!  They are built in Wisconsin  and unfortunately for the driver his truck broke down in St. George...but, lucky for me because I got to peek inside!  300 sq. feet of luxury.  Stainless Steel stove, oven, fridge and washer/dryer combo.  A queen bed, table for 2 and a sofa.  Did I say I want one!!!  I asked him how it handled on the drive and he said this baby has 17,000 miles on it and was custom order for someone in Washington?

I know I mentioned that I was hoping we weren't going back through Cedar City...not because they have the cutest shop ever....Stitching It Up but because the owner is married to Jeff.  And, if you click on his name you will see on his Instagram page that he refurbishes and paints Featherweights....Danger Will Robinson...Danger....

I saw this one on his Instagram page and I swooned...Candy Apple Red....with all the trimmings...sigh.  If you have a Featherweight that you want painted he will do it for $350...but, if you don't have a Featherweight and he has to get one for is $650.  Totally serviced and ready to sew!!!  What can I's...CANDY APPLE RED!!!!

It is not hard to believe but the Great Harvest Bakery 
in Cedar City had a beautiful quilt hanging inside :)

I now have 6 blocks quilted...4 to go and the border!  
And yes, I always color coordinate
 my quilting, rug and sofa with my dog, LOL!

Have a great weekend!  I hope we get some sun!!!  But then I still have 4 more blocks and the border to quilt so rain would be ok....Don't forget to check in with the Quilt Roadies I hope you subscribe...there is no just lets you know about our updates!